Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Soooo.... Whats happened since February? HA..... a lot...

Lets just start with what happened this weekend...

Tommy played in his first Soccer game! Much anticipated and a week late because of a high fever last weekend. So proud of my boy! Its fun being a mom on the sidelines... heart wrenching but fun.

Daniel had his first game last week... I got pictures but none of them turned out to well.... I will have to mine Dads phone for some better ones and post them next time.

Besides Soccer there was a trip to Home Depot with the whole crew.

And some impromptu drywalling of the basement stairwell followed...

Then I thought I would make us all some apple dumplings ala pioneer woman. So I popped open the crescent rolls I had stolen from my Mom only to find they were GARLIC flavored.... have you ever heard of such a thing??? So instead we made pepperoni rolls.

I discovered Vivian has a flare for rolling bread dough.

Hers were by far the neatest of them all.... so... all in all a good, busy , productive and fun weekend.
And hopefully a good little start in getting back into the habit of keeping track of some memories here.