Friday, February 7, 2014

Catching Joy

         Today was a blur of laundry, school, meals, dishes, school, folding, school, diaper change, school, break up fight, kiss boo boo, meal.... But somewhere around dinner prep as school work got finished and chicken got put in the oven the kids begged to go outside. Into the barren tundra. And I sighed and gritted my teeth and said yes.

           Then came the gloves, layers, POTTY FIRST! More layers, hats, lost boots.... And finally they were out! 

.....Then Vivian's boot slipped off. So out I went to help her. Thinking I would come back in.

I went out in sweat pants and just my coat and boots.... But the joy caught me. And then Tom who was working in the office saw the joy out the window and had to come join in. 

And we spent and hour freezing and winded. Together and laughing. Snapping pictures, making memories, grabbing onto the fleeting joy of fresh snow in a too short childhood. 

Sometimes we get so busy we forget what it's all really for. 

More of this please and thank you.