Saturday, December 20, 2014

Decorating the Tree

This Christmas I feel just a little bit dizzy. Disillusioned...

I just want to hit the pause button and give Tom a few days to catch up in with work and me a couple hours to stare at a wall.... and then YAY! Christmas!!!

 But alas there is no pause button and so I have to try to squeeze in some wall staring and some praying for my overworked husband... and find my Christmas spirit anyway...

And its always when I start... when I just do it that I find the feeling that I am looking for.

When I pull out the ornaments and let them at the tree.... and I realize twelve months have passed since last we did this.

They are all a year older. The time just slips through my fingers each day... until on days like these I notice. And I breath deep and thank God for it all... and ask for more time. More awareness. One more year of all this joy I don't deserve.

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Anonymous said...

you always make me smile.......and no one deserves it you