Friday, November 14, 2014

The Rope

At the end of a long week and another dinner on my own with the kids I exclaimed to no one in particular that I was at the end of my very short rope!!!

Tommy then being confused  innocently asked me "How short is your rope exactly momma?"

At this moment.... it got a little longer. Some of the knots of anxiety and irritation undone by six year old accidental humor.

A few minutes later at dinner the kids and were talking about Camelot.... King Arthur.... Guinevere...

 I was trying to ring bells because I know they have seen movies involving the legend and we just got the Magic Treehouse book, Christmas in Camelot.

 I asked Bella if she knew what it was and she said, "The place with the bears?"

I looked at her confused and Vivian exclaimed, "Ohhhhhh! You mean Canada?"

um..... no.... well.... yes. Canada has Bears.

But that is not what we were getting at...

Ok never mind.

In other news today was the first real snow for this winter. Talk about excited kids! They were out playing in the glorified dusting before nine and in again before ten! 

Here is to a happy and relaxed weekend and a mama with a slightly longer rope at the end of it all! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Soooo.... Whats happened since February? HA..... a lot...

Lets just start with what happened this weekend...

Tommy played in his first Soccer game! Much anticipated and a week late because of a high fever last weekend. So proud of my boy! Its fun being a mom on the sidelines... heart wrenching but fun.

Daniel had his first game last week... I got pictures but none of them turned out to well.... I will have to mine Dads phone for some better ones and post them next time.

Besides Soccer there was a trip to Home Depot with the whole crew.

And some impromptu drywalling of the basement stairwell followed...

Then I thought I would make us all some apple dumplings ala pioneer woman. So I popped open the crescent rolls I had stolen from my Mom only to find they were GARLIC flavored.... have you ever heard of such a thing??? So instead we made pepperoni rolls.

I discovered Vivian has a flare for rolling bread dough.

Hers were by far the neatest of them all.... so... all in all a good, busy , productive and fun weekend.
And hopefully a good little start in getting back into the habit of keeping track of some memories here.