Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family Outing

Today we had a long overdue family day.

We cashed in on a gift card the kids got from my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Roger.
I thought I was indecisive... I may be, but my children outdid me today.
We spent a good forty five minutes letting each of them decide how best to spend five dollars.
The blessing was at least everything was five dollars so there was no need to veto any choices.
We would probably still be there if that had been a factor....

It was fun to see what they picked for themselves, Vivian got a ball, the boys picked bow and arrow sets, and Bella got a little stuffed puppy in a pick purse.

Next we ran through the grocery store and pet store, and then to McDonalds.
A rare treat for our four to eat out with all of us... it just gets to darn expensive.

Now we are home, tucked in and eating all the Halloween candy we can while we watch a movie.
And looking forward to and extra hour of sleep in the morning!

Happy Weekend!