Friday, January 4, 2013

I Resolve...

To write more about my children.
So tonight I begin with Vivian. Oh my dear sweet insane Viv....

The above picture is the last hot day of the summer of 2012 that I can recall.
We went to see Daddy and Grandpa at the house they were working at.
You were as you always are... wild.

Queen of your own castle... Dancing to your own beat... and beating on kids twice your size.
Is it wrong that I am quietly sooo amused when you are able to knock over your older siblings?
It is... but I don't care. You go girl. The world is a tough place, you are tougher. 

But you are also very affectionate. Especially with your Daddy.

 In fact you maybe the most cuddly toddler I have ever had... which is so the opposite of what your gogogo personality would say you ought to be. That is what I find so amazing about you baby. You are never what's expected.

You go missing for a few minutes and I find you have either:

gone upstairs to eat the drywall that is everywhere in the midst of our bedroom remodel.

gone to the boys room to get armpit deep in the fish tank to terrorize the fish and eat seaweed.

gone to the door and somehow gotten your brother to open it so you can go out in the snow in pj's.

Never a dull moment with you sweet wild one.

In the five minutes before Tommy's birthday party began this year we were frantically cleaning.
Some genius decided to have it on Sunday after church.... yeah.

So the house needed a quick pick up and you somehow got lost in the shuffle and ended up in the mud room... aka the forbidden room of non Vivian approved objects.

Your Father found you there and informed me that you had eaten three sticks of gum, still in wrappers.  I was amused but not at all concerned...
 then he said that his drill bit was also missing.
He was clearly concerned and said you could have swallowed it easily...
Panic... drama... five minutes of searching and asking you fruitless questions like
 "Vivi where is IT?".
 Imagining pulling out to go get x-ray's just as a whole house full of people pull in.

 Finally I said "She had gum... she must have been in my purse! Check the purse!"
Drill bit recovered... in the depths of my oversized purse.

This is just a small snapshot of what we go through with you sweetie.
May you have four just like you.
I will not babysit.
Ok I will but I will laugh as I send them home riddled with sugar....