Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three Years, Five Years... the blink of an eye...

I started blogging three long.... llllooonnnngggg years ago.
It was Tommy's second birthday.

Today I kissed his five year old self goodnight.
I need a whole bottle of wine and a box of tissues to process that thought. 

Tomorrow he will become a teenager.
Next week he'll be learning to drive.
And before I know it his son will be five.
And I will look back at pictures of these days.
I am sure there will be sadness at what is past 
But I will see me in him and him in me and the future in it all.
The beautiful, blessed, bright future.

Where there maybe things beyond my control.
Where there will certainly be heartache...
 But where I am also sure I will find laughter.
I will laugh again as I laughed tonight while Bella said "Merry Chissssmasss!" with no front teeth.

I will laugh at Vivian bouncing and giggling on my knees... or her kids anyway.

I will laugh at Daniel and the whole role of toilet paper his son unrolled on the floor....

I will laugh with my husband about all our little inside jokes and about nothing and everything.

I will laugh at the days to come.... and hopefully through them too.