Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tis the Season for the Gimme Gimme's

It was a bad day today.
We have had some pretty sick kids all week. Daniel was especially needy for the last four days.
He finally turned a corner yesterday and of course that is when Vivi decided it was her turn to channel her inner diva.

 I think it is teeth.... I always think its teeth... its not teeth she is just high strung.

Tom sensing my stress this morning sent me off to the grocery store by myself.
But just as I was leaving Bella begged to come.
I have been feeling like she is getting neglected by me lately. She is the right hand around here.
For example.... yesterday Vivi decided to finger paint with poo and I asked Bella to watch her in the tub for a minute while I went to assess the damage done in the playpen. By the time I came back she had washed her hair and managed not to send her into a screaming fit doing it.... she is a better mother than me.

 how demoralizing... how convenient....

Anyway I said yes to her request to come. And the gimme gimme's started in the car and continued through the whole long annoying trip. She has had a lot of spending cash lately and she has been used to being able to get a toy every few weeks with the few dollars she gets from random things.

I felt like all I did the whole time was say no and feel like a hypocrite. How can I teach her gratitude when I know I don't grasp the concept myself?

 So that is the question... and the goal of this holiday season. How to teach gratitude to the kids who circled EVERYTHING in the toy catalog.

How to make Daniel understand when he says "I just want everything that I want."
How to make Tommy quit whining when he doesn't get his way.
How to get Vivi to stop growling at everyone and taking everything that strikes her fancy.

How do I teach the thing I forget all the time... the difference between need and want?