Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our whole summer in one post...

This summer we had our first dance recital. Hopefully not our last. It was adorable.

We swam and ran through sprinklers and got our first slip n slide... then our second when the first was ripped to shreds. Then the racing one when it went on sale. And when we got tired of the sun we go messy with markers and scissors and glue and made whatever we could think of.

All the Mommy's and cousins made a trip to the zoo with Grammy. This is me and some of the littles.

We also made our annual trip to Idlewild and the Farm Show.... and I had my annual mini breakdown on the ferris wheel.... Only this time I was justified because a storm was rolling in and I could see lightening. The height alone would do it though.

So there is our summer in a nut shell. Just in time for the holiday's. Oh yes and on last thing..

                                                      Vivian spent her summer growing hair.

Here she is in March...

And here she is now... with her mullet.

Now that I am caught up hopefully I can keep up!