Friday, September 28, 2012


Each morning I am awakened multiple times by various people and animals.

First it is the baby crying at two a.m because she caught her leg in the crib.
Then it is the six year old at four a.m. telling me her hamster is keeping her up running in her wheel.
Did you know hamsters are nocturnal?
We only see her about twenty minutes a day while we eat breakfast....
or at four a.m...
smelly useless thing.

Then is is the husbands alarm at five thirty... five forty five.... six... six fifteen.....

and I don't dare complain because HE is the one who has to get up... not me.
I am just the only one who hears the alarm because I never got into the blessed deep sleep he did.

Well that isn't true either... often the three year old hears the alarm and takes that as his cue to come take Dad's place in bed. He likes to sleep sideways or ask constantly if its morning yet.
When he has had enough he pulls the "I need to go potty!" card and gets me out of bed way too early.

Some mornings though I just turn on the tv and let his brain turn to mush while I try to get twenty more minutes.

Soon however there are two kids and then three..... and then the arguments about who gets to cuddle on either side of me starts.
 I am very popular and I have unfortunately not evolved yet into my roll as a mother of four.
I still only have two arms.
 I am writing a book to refute Darwin's theory based on this fact....
that is what has been keeping me from blogging.

 That and a lack of sleep and Vivian's horrifying toddler-hood and homeschooling and general laziness. But I'm back... I hope... I'll try... oh well.

Is anybody still out there?