Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

It's May.
The windows are open, the sun is shining.
The curtains are billowing.
Anne of Green Gables is sitting on my end table waiting for me.
School is wrapping up for the year.
We have begun our list of Summer things we want to do.
Camp out.
Catch fireflies.
Eat smores.
See fireworks.
Go to the drive in.
Go to the zoo.
Ride a roller coaster.
Teach Vivian not to put EVERY BLESSED thing she finds in her mouth!!!!

Just plain have fun.

Most of these things would happen even if we didn't write them down... but sometimes we just need a to do list of fun things to balance out all the projects we have planned as well.

Our first year homeschooling as I said is wrapping up. As far as I am concerned really we are done.
Just doing some exploratory work for a few more weeks. Trying out some new curriculum for next year. We are not heading back to cyber school. I am glad we did it this year for so many reasons but its just not for us in the long run.  To much busy work for me. And with so many ages I would love to find some unit studies they can all do together. I am looking at Tapestry of Grace for that. So far I am very impressed. But you never know till your really in it right?

  Bella is reading a a great pace. She is amazing me with all she can do. I am still nervous and unsure but much less so than I was nine months ago when we started on this road.  Tommy has jumped right in with us too and I think he will be even farther ahead next year when he starts formally doing school with us than Bella was this year.

Also I have finally after six long months of losing and gaining the same ten pounds over and over gotten back on track with weight watchers. Two weeks on plan and it feels great and I am hoping to get to a new low tonight at my meeting. I will have to update that sidebar I let slide while I was on my unintentional hiatus.....
All of this by the way was spurred on by my cousin having a renewal of  motivation all her own.
Check out her blog and encourage her too!

So the kids are learning... I am learning... and we are all making progress.
A lifestyle of learning right?
That is the goal.