Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have given birth to a monkey.
Seriously... this is new to me. Even Daniel in all his wildness was never a climber.
He didn't even WALK till he was 14 months old.
Vivi is only 13 months.

This is what I get for naming her Vivian... viv... vivacious.

 Daniel informed me today that there will be eggs in the grass soon and a bunny.
I asked what kind of bunny?
He said "Nana is the Easter bunny."

He is weird but correct.... I will not be spending a dime on a basket full of that awful plastic grass that never goes away. Nana however will come through so they won't feel so deprived as adults... God love her.

That picture was taken on Bella's birthday by the way.
I was crazy warm.
Also I would never let her wear that skirt in public but she loves it and it was her birthday.
this will be its last go round without leggings underneath.

And just so he doesn't feel left out and because he is adorable... and because my brain is mush and I have nothing more to say.... here is Tommy to see you off.