Thursday, March 22, 2012

Six Years Ago Tonight....

Six years ago I was sitting in this same spot but on a second hand leather sofa.... there were a few more walls back then but more about that another day.

I was eating a Chicken Salad... Texas Roadhouse.... love their ranch dressing.
I was barely enjoying it though. I was a nervous wreck.

I was nine months and one week pregnant with my first child and scheduled to head to the hospital to be induced in just a few hours.

I remember crying nearly the whole hour long drive. But in the end it was nothing like I feared and more beautiful than I could ever have imagined

I remember having a moment right when she was born that I felt almost like I could see everything.
I could see her whole life mingled with mine... the weight of it could have crushed me.
That was truly amazing and I always think that I could never live that way day to day.
I couldn't breathe for the beauty of it all.

And seeing the man I love become a Dad. Forget it. 
Nothing will ever compare.

Watching my baby become a big sister three times over... it runs a close second.

Bella holding a newborn Tommy...

Bella holding newborn Daniel...

Bella with newborn Vivian.... the sister she prayed for. 
And by this time tomorrow my first baby will be six.

So tomorrow we will eat ice cream cake, and pizza and corndogs at the birthday girls request.
And we will skip school... and we will enjoy a rare birthday in the sun and sandals.
And we will celebrate being six.
Six years of joy and purpose.
Six years of pink and sparkle.
Six years of our beautiful Bella.