Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness

My house is torn apart. I am not coping as well as I would like to.
Today is better than yesterday though because I know things are going to start to move along here this weekend.

I am surprised how annoyed I am by all this.
 I can't wait to see it done!
But really I just want to dust and sweep and redecorate my walls!
I have too many cute spring decorations and I NEED to use them....

Life mixed in with mess and power tools....

We have taken out two main walls and the dining room ceiling and there is dust everywhere.
My Aunt Jeanne came in and said "wow."
 Turns out part of her amazement was about how "clean" it was....
that is because I am following Tom with a dust pan and vacuum.

But is it any wonder? Between the two little ones alone any little project easily becomes a big one and this is no little project.

I am having mini heart attacks about the kids going up and down the steps without a railing... I keep telling them no walking, sit and scoot. 

And the table has been strategically place to break a fall should the unthinkable occur....
 mother of the year!

Another thing that seems to be taking longer is we keep changing plans and tweaking things. 
We were going to leave that little bit of wall to the left. But then we got cabin fever and decided we were loving the opened up feeling to much to stop where we had planned...

So Sunday after Church down came the other side of the living room wall.

More dust.

But also way more light!
The kids are loving the chaos and seeing Daddy use all the mysterious contents of his tool box.
Bella is constantly concerned about the house falling down.
Daniel has taken to trying to "break" all other walls in the house as Tommy tells him he isn't that stwong yet.

Hopefully this weekend will be less dusty and involve some painting!
One Birthday down and one to go!

And I need to clean!
We have a little birthday bash for our two March girls in just over a week!