Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Icky Day Randomness....

Today I feel just icky.

Nothing I can say can fix anything.

My back hurts like crazy from moving furniture and a sick kid in my bed.

Sickness continues to run rampant here. We have just finished two kids on antibiotics only to begin another today...

Three down and God please strengthen Tommy's poor little immune system.

I don't even have the words really but let just say that I read and article about a cloistered nun and her lifestyle choice sounds so appealing right now...

I wonder if they have any sort of daycare situation in the convent?

ah well. Tomorrow is another day....
Is that supposed to be encouraging???
I think we should be more specific about what kind of day I want tomorrow to be.

I want a day where things get done.
Where there is more giggling than screaming.
Where misunderstandings are nonexistent.
A day in which we learn, we clean, we craft, we create, we cuddle and nap.
I want it all but really its such simple stuff isn't it?