Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Me,

My leader at Weight Watchers (Hi Grace!) asked us to write a "Dear Me" note this week. She handed me a tiny piece of paper and I laughed.... I have much too much to say. So here is my letter to me. Specifically the me of January 1, 2013.

Dear Me,
                If you are reading this we have survived another year. Hopefully we have not only survived but thrived. The point of this exercise is to inspire the current me to lose weight by imagining you. The me I could be in one years time... or at least that's what I have decided is the point.            
                So me... where are we?

                We should now have a six year old, a five year old, a three year old, and a twenty-two month old. And if we haven't driven him away with the craziness then we have been married to the love of our lives for seven and a half years.
                Hopefully we got caught up on the baby books as we said we would. Also we should have finished cleaning out the basement by now. And if the kids rooms aren't painted in a year or less so help me I will just jump through the space time continuum and throttle us.

                 Now lets get down to the tough stuff.... have we lost the fifty pounds we said we would? You know that we are now six months away from the big birthday.
                 My twenty-eight year old self finds it hard to say but.....you are staring down the barrel of the gun that says 3-0 on the side. Although I hear when you actually pull that trigger its really just a lot of confetti and confidence with a little flag that pops out and says "BANG".... I have high hopes for our thirties. They must be started out right. With a big victory like this one.
                  Ironically though I am writing to you.... it's really not about me or you, but the person we choose to be everyday in between. If I start to make the choices today to exercise and eat right then I am already the person I want to be. My body just needs to catch up to my mind. We have already lost thirty pounds... that is no small thing, I know.... but really we just have to do it two more times...
                   So I hope that on your anniversary you enjoyed the time with your husband more than the dessert tray, and I hope you felt great in your new clothes. I hope on our birthday you ran around with the kids in the summer sunshine and swam all day and looked great in your bathing suit. I hope on fourth of July you brought healthy food and felt a new kind of independence and freedom. I hope that trick or treat was more about the tricks and less about the Reese's cups... I hope that on thanksgiving you were thankful for staying the course and being at a new all time low weight. And I hope when the holiday smoke clears next year and I catch up with you that we can welcome a new year with a whole new body, lifestyle, and resolution.... after we do this I can't wait to see what we are capable of accomplishing next year.