Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making a list...

Hall's decked... check.

Attend adorable Christmas recital.... burst with pride.... check

Make obscene amounts of cookies... check.
Break expensive marble rolling pin handle moments after telling Bella it will be hers one day.... check.

Keep track of insane sugared up toddler.... mostly check. 

Have first grader address Christmas cards... call it "school work"..... Check!

Do actual school also... Check

Play in the snow till it hurts... Check

Make memories.
Share laughter.
Celebrate and savor childhood... Check.


1 comment:

Mama Spud said...

I love your house!!! It looks so open and beautiful. Your fireplace looks great. I want to mount our tv like that too (the sticky handprints! Oh God the handprints!)

And I burst out laughing at Bella addressing cards for school work. Bwahaha!

Merry Christmas B family!! - KWR