Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Where have I been!?
Busy I suppose.... life is just busy.

There are five people in that pile up right there.

Five people that are my world.

I never even got around to showing off the adorable Easter clothes.
I love that Easter gives us one more excuse to take it up a notch for our annual Mother's Day photos.... can't wait for those.

But for now this really is the best I could do....

And when she did decided to smile a bit.... the cat walks by....

aaannndddd she goes back to screaming.....

Oh well. These are the messy moments that make the memories.

Plus she is adorable even when she cries herself red....
especially in a puffy happy yellow gingham dress.

Of course lets not forget the little men....
 all spiffed up in matching sneakers because I COULD NOT justify matching dress shoes.
 Plus they give them a little bit of something.
 A tiny hint of coolness...

Not their best picture ever but you get the idea.

Then they all got comfy and ate to much sugar and watched Rio. I love that movie.

Say you.... say me..... say it together..... I cannot get that song out of my head.
Which is fine :)
Ok.. back to work, this was a stolen moment.
 Mom's got the girls at Dance.... the older one to dance and the younger one to give me a break.

Who would have ever thought two rowdy little boys would be a break???

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have given birth to a monkey.
Seriously... this is new to me. Even Daniel in all his wildness was never a climber.
He didn't even WALK till he was 14 months old.
Vivi is only 13 months.

This is what I get for naming her Vivian... viv... vivacious.

 Daniel informed me today that there will be eggs in the grass soon and a bunny.
I asked what kind of bunny?
He said "Nana is the Easter bunny."

He is weird but correct.... I will not be spending a dime on a basket full of that awful plastic grass that never goes away. Nana however will come through so they won't feel so deprived as adults... God love her.

That picture was taken on Bella's birthday by the way.
I was crazy warm.
Also I would never let her wear that skirt in public but she loves it and it was her birthday.
this will be its last go round without leggings underneath.

And just so he doesn't feel left out and because he is adorable... and because my brain is mush and I have nothing more to say.... here is Tommy to see you off.

Monday, April 2, 2012

From Mess to Home...

My laptop died.... it was a sad week.
Happily my husband is a genius and it is back up and running now that he had a little free time to tinker with it.

He has many talents.... speaking of which... our house is starting to look a lot more like a home.
Which is what I was planning to blog about next before all the drama of a nearly dead laptop.

This is looking from the dining room into the living room. The old doorway was about in the middle where the loveseat is and was not nearly as wide as that even.

That is looking back from the living room the steps are still unfinished but I love love love them already. We got the railing and newel post salvaged from my husbands grandfather. He works in demolition and saves all kinds of awesome old stuff. We were told by another friend who refinishes furniture and helped restore them that they are from the 1860's... super awesome. I love old stuff.

The reason we both loved it was the top of the post which is the end of the railing.
I don't have a finished picture yet but here in the before.

Isn't it just the coolest shape? I also told Tom I would have happily kept the shabby chic powder blue paint but he called it insane and never looked twice. I have to admit it does look pretty spiffy all shined up....

He has a lot of good ideas. He put this crown molding in the living room on a whim and it really just makes the space.

I am constantly humbled by him, impressed... amazed by how hard he works, how much he loves us and wants to make our home all he can.

When I count my blessings I count him first.

Ok now that I've gone and made myself all weepy. Back to Monday and boiling eggs to color!
Making a shopping list, catching up on some school work, and cuddling some cute kids.