Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Luke Skywalkers Everywhere....

Do you know what I remember of my conversations with my husband from today? Besides the obvious stuff... 
did you call the vet? Did you pay that bill? What time again is that thing on Sunday? 

Besides that I remember him saying over lunch... "Did you hear that Elmo Peed?".... I was sure I had heard wrong but no... that was what he said and what he meant. 

He then made Daniel tell me his Alphabet. "H-I-J-K- Elmo Peed"......
 He really thinks that's how it goes.

Oh homeschooling... are we failing him??? Already??? 
Of course we are but so is every other parent.

No I think he is better off at home really. He has a love for all sorts of weaponry and I hear they frown on that sort of thing in public school now a days..... the above picture is what Tommy picked out with his birthday money at the dollar store. He got three, one for him, one for Daniel and one for Daddy. And he waited without spilling the beans for ELEVEN days to give them as Christmas gifts. 

He even hid his with theirs so as not to spoil the suprise.... I was truly impressed.

This was just  Christmas for weapons I suppose.  All they wanted for Christmas was a light saber... scratch that... it was ALL Daniels idea. 

We tried to redirect. "Don't you want a new train!?".... we would say, and he would say "No actually. I want a lightsaveer!!!!" He thinks he is big stuff because he says "actually".
He got Tommy on board, they brow beat us in tandem and he got it even thought the package says three and up...... 
and then he wanted to kill everyone in his line of sight. Mommy first.

Are all two year old boys this violent? Tommy wasn't. But I can see that his sisters good sense that was instilled for the first two years is wearing off and his brothers ways are turning him toward the dark side.

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Anonymous said...

where oh where do i begin?....ELMO PEED!?!?!?!....really?...that is the funnies thing i've read since you retired from FB! :(

and the word "actually" is NOT a surprise whatsoever! YOU SAY IT ALL THE TIME!....i'm surprised that wasn't his first word!!! LOL.

and i have noticed the "SKYWALKER" theme predominantly anywhere they are!....just when i thought i was going to die in a "plane" somehow, i now fear i might die "by the sword" or "lazer" as it's now known as!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading these hysterical stories and daily lives of your family!....and by all means please do continue the home-schooling, because they truly would be incarcerated if they went to public school...and would you and Tom! LOL..

Love you all BIG MUCH and when i find my armor....i'll come visit soon! xoxoxo GiGi