Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another First.... But Certainly Not the Last

Too tired for this... want to go to bed. I have been meaning to write for days but I have been way too busy with school, children's church, weight watchers, working out....

BUT.... someone got a loose tooth today!
The first one for her.

She goes from excited to freaking out.
She came in the kitchen saying she had a pretzel stuck in her tooth and it hurt.
She was whining so much I was worried...
then I touched her tooth... and I gasped, loudly.

And she burst into tears and said "WHAT WHAT WHAT?"

I laughed and said sorry and told her she had her first loose tooth.

We have talked of little else since, and that was at ten this morning....
she is handling it well. I had feared the worst but she is surprisingly calm.
Very not like her... and I should know since she is just like me!

Tommy tried to say his tooth was loose too. Bella said "He's just trying to get money Mom!"

I can't believe I have a child old enough to loose a tooth.
I can't believe five years has gone by so fast!
I can't believe I get to do it all over again....

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