Monday, October 3, 2011

More Camping!

I would like to say I fell off the weight watchers wagon at camp...
the truth is I jumped.
Feet first.
Into ice cream, s'mores, cheesy bacon fries....

I need to stop now before I drool... I am back on now, mostly.

Two of the kids Uncles bought these remote control helicopters for the weekend.
They also bought about six of the new light sabers which I somehow did not get pictures of.
The life lesson here is that Uncles are awesome... teenage Uncles are super duper awesome.

Three Generations of  women.
When I look at this picture I am amazed. They are all so alike and so different.
  I am so blessed to know them all.
It is amazing to see a family so BIG still be so close.
I am beginning to think its the Mom's that hold it together.

If its the Mom's who hold it all together then its the babies who provide the comic relief.
The baby lover trying to "pet" Vivian.

New warm winter Pj's from Nana!

Reading books in front of the fire, we love this because we don't have a fireplace at home... yet.


Helping me by holding her Sis as we get ready to ready to head out.
They were very surprised to not have to buckle to go to the "big cabin"
Its basically a long driveway between the two houses.

Daddy and Vivi hanging out with Kennypap... Vivi and him had a lot of cuddle time by the fire.

Toasting marshmallows. Another very big deal to pre-schoolers.

and the best thing about marshmallows?
They make S'MORE'S

I apologize to your poor little eyes.... but there is still more for tomorrow.
For now it is 9:30... an hour and a half past our bedtime and the kiddo's are still up because Daddy is building a bunk bed for the boys.

The man is consistently useful and impressive. Nothing he can't do I believe.
I am so very in love... and so very exhausted!

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