Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Sweet Homeschool

We are back from a week away at camp. Catching up on school and mountains of laundry.

Journal time, patterns in math, sentence structure, rhyming.... oh dear Lord the rhyming!
Why is that what takes up most of our time? She really will never be a poet.

Patterns are her thing. She loves it and she breezes through it.
Tommy is keeping up with her pretty well. He watches all the same videos and does all her computer games too. Hopefully it will be that much easier when he starts next fall.

Some of us are working harder than others however....

When I can't get him involved in something away from the table he sits with us and colors.
Begging me often to draw him a "choo too twain."

Finally the other day I thought I had him playing quietly in his room.
I was wrong... he was in his sisters room... 

with a crayon he had pilfered from the pile.

Let's look on the bright side.
He obviously has an artistic flair and he learned how to use a magic eraser.

More about camping soon!

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