Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bella Ballerina

                         Here is Aunt Julie doing Bella's hair for her first Ballet and Tap class!
Mommy cannot do it all... least of all hair styling.
That is and always has been Julie's department.

The other thing I can't do is keep a calendar correctly.
I thought dance started Tuesday. I called to verify the time and found out we had missed out first class which was supposed to be Monday. 
Bad Mommy.....
thankfully we were able to make it up today on Wednesday!

Nana complimenting her on her outfit.

And her baby fine hair miraculously tamed into a bun.

                       This is the child who has nearly worn out her "12 Dancing Princesses" dvd....
along with her brothers patience for all things Barbie.

                            I didn't take pictures in class because I didn't want to be "that mom".
Also Aunt Kristin will be coming to her recital in a few months with her superior skills and camera!
I can't wait!!!

She had an absolute blast tonight...
during ballet she was serious and graceful. So very happy every time she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. In tap she was bubble and excitable getting caught up in the music and fun steps.
We had a great time. I loved getting to watch her step out and try something new.

When we got back to Nana's her Aunt Julie said, "So you are a ballerina now?"

And she said, "Yep... but you can still call me Bella."