Friday, September 9, 2011

Six Month Old Baby Blues

Homeschooling is hard work.... I think I took babyhood for granted the first few go rounds.
With my newly minted title of teacher I am soaking up the precious days and hours with the one who just knows me as Mommy.

Somehow while I have been focusing on the pressing issues of curriculum, ballet classes starting next week, and potty training I blinked and she turned six months old.

How is it that when I was nine month's pregnant and she came nearly two weeks late time crawled and ever since her first beautiful cries it has flown.

I look at her here now and I think back to those time before she was born.... 
and before I was even pregnant when Bella prayed often for a baby sister.

Her prayers met with God's grace and here is Vivian, so precious now to us all.

A little about Vivi at six months...
she is the happiest baby ever.

She is the worst napper this last month...
all my babies seem to go through this at six months, anyone else?

She loves to hold the plastic baby wipe bag and crinkle it and she figured out how to pull them out a few days ago too!

She can roll over to her tummy, she has one tooth on the bottom.

She just started baby food this week.

She has no desire to sit up or crawl or hold her own bottle.... just like her big sis!
And all of that is just fine and dandy with me.

Her arrival is being anxiously awaited by her big sister in the "girl room".
Still working out the logistics of that with our tiny bedrooms!

She makes her brothers and Father all stop the horseplay and rough housing at a moments notice if she needs them.... which is no small feat. 

She is very patient when Tommy is the one to give her a bottle. He loves to do it but he gets easily distracted and the nipple ends up in her nose a few times.

She really is the only reason I believe that Daniel may someday turn into a productive member of society, he loves her in a way that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

She rarely cries so when she does he gasps, 
"Bibian Grace cry MAMA! HELP HELP! SHHSHH Bibi... it otay!!!"

Then he sings to her to the tune of
"Winnie the Pooh"
"Bibian Grace, Bibian Grace... don't you cry Grace, don't you cry Grace! La la la la la la!"

Everything goes faster these days. Every baby grows faster than the last.
I remember as a child days that felt like eternity
As a teenager summers were years! I would be eighteen forever.
Now the years are more like weeks, the precious moments are slipping by.
Bittersweet... no matter how hard we grip them they go.
We seem to go from Yesterday to Tomorrow and somehow skip over today.

"Babies Don't Keep" 

I hope that my child,

looking back on today
Will remember a mother

who had time to play;
Because children grow up 

while you're not looking,
There are years ahead 

for cleaning and cooking.
So, quiet now cobwebs, 

dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby,

and babies don't keep

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