Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anywhere But Home

This week has been busy, and its only half over.
We have more appointments and plans this week than we normally have in a month.

Every evening we are running around in the minivan with snacks and caffeine, 
out much past our bedtimes.... even mine.

I find myself longing for a normal night at home where Daddy arrives to great fanfare right before dinner and afterward wrestles the big kids into exhaustion while I cuddle with Vivi on the couch.

Even in the midst of the busyness of this week we have found moments that are simple and sweet.
Daniel telling Daddy  before bed all about the ferris wheel he rode last week. 
And asking "Idin't dat Essiting Dad?".... (translation "Isn't that exciting Dad?")

This week Tommy told my Mom he doesn't want to build houses or be a fireman... 
he just wants to be a Daddy.

Is it any wonder that's his answer?

Bella asking everyday, "How many sleeps till Daddy has no work in the morning?"

They all miss him when he's at work. This morning Daniel kept yelling from the kitchen that Daddy was here. I felt bad and kept saying "not yet baby." 

But he kept insisting that he was "here"... a few minutes later he ran into the kitchen with my cell phone. Sure enough Tom was calling and his picture was on the screen.
The two year old was quite proud of himself and said "See Mom!?"

Life with the little people is hectic and overwhelming. 
But even when we can't find any time to just be at home together we find little moments of cute.
Things that make your heart swell up and unreasonably make it all worth it.

And last but not least....
at this point on this evening Vivi needed a bottle so i handed Tom the camera...
he decided that he would hide and when he jumped out to scare them he would take a picture....

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