Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Dreams

I love my family, I love the clear blue pool,
I love spending most Summer Sundays in that cool oasis.

I can't think of anything else in my life that has been as constant as "Sunday at the pool".
It isn't discussed really. It's like church...  everyone knows when and where without even asking.

 I can't imagine summer without a pool. When I've tried it is just plain depressing.
So a pool is absolutely in  the future for us. We are far FAR from rich....
but I will dig the hole myself if I must.

Until then on the days we want to stay close to home we will sustain ourselves in our own yard with that old American summer standard... the sprinkler.

Some of us "Don't like being cold"... 
and therefore they stay on the porch with they're coffee and a smirk.

Or they're bouncy seat and a vacant stare.
My babies always have this look, it reminds me of Garth from "Wayne's World"...
luckily they seem to out grow, but not before I get a few good laughs.

I am going to frame these pictures... I love the genuine, pure joy.

So simple and sweet and refreshing, like the water itself.

A pool will be wonderful someday, but I have a feeling when I'm there watching my teenagers swim I'm gonna wish I was here, watching my babies scream and giggle.
I should take a lesson from them.
Be happy where you are, enjoy what is here and now.
Dream about tomorrow but try not to long for it.
It will be here all to soon.

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