Friday, July 8, 2011

A Typical Weekday

Awake to cold toes in my rib cage, or playskool power tool in my face.
try to force two year old and five year old to sleep with me until a reasonable hour.
Get up... sadly.
 Get breakfast, 
get bottle
start the laundry,
feed the baby
read my bible,
sweep the floor,
cuddle with still sleepy Tommy,
make a grocery list, 
renew drivers license online, 
make a dish for the party,
take vitamins,
count weight watchers points,
break up a fight,
Direct older children to clothes.
Dress Baby and toddler.
Plan a healthy, yet easy dinner that most of my children will at least try,
get the kids home in time for nap... keep Daniel awake in car or else nap is shot.
get the kids out in time for church/store/Grandma's/random errand/ect.,
find the shoes,
find my keys,
break up a fight,
find my cell,
feed the dog,
fill the sippy cups, 
get the snacks, 
give the baby her bottle,
change a diaper,
change another diaper,
 make Tommy go potty,
make Bella go potty, 
make them both wash hands, 
make Daniel get out of the bathroom,
Tell Daniel to stop screaming... futility.
Go out.... come home.
clean bed rooms
change peed on sheets.... for the fourth time this week, 
change another diaper on the child who poops three times a day,
put on a movie,
do more laundry,
give another bottle,
break up a fight,
put away laundry,
break up a fight, 
get out play-doh to curb fighting,
get out vacuum again five minutes later when playdoh becomes boring to all but my most docile child.
Start dinner.... that I KNOW will not be eaten.
break up a fight,
get dinner on the stove,
break up a fight,
clean stove from boiled over mess,
put on a movie,
calm children with promises/ threats of Daddy coming soon,
call Daddy for reassurance that back up is in fact coming.
Celebrate or cry depending upon Daddy's eta.
Eat chocolate either way....
Finish cooking dinner.
Bed... bed... bed.... I SAID GET IN YOUR BED AND STAY THERE SO HELP ME.....!
aaannnddd.... couch :)
 Thank the good Lord it's Friday!