Sunday, June 19, 2011


Darling, Crazy, Sweet, Funny, Wild, Obstinate, Wonderful Daniel.

This morning on the beach you were one, and this evening in your bed you are two.

You are two years old today and I am feeling sad, I feel like I blinked and missed this whole year of your life. I guess being pregnant for much of it could be to blame. We found out Vivian was on her way just before your first Birthday. But I think its more than that. I can't believe you are about to be two because you have always seemed older than you are.

You have seemed like a two year old since you started walking shortly after  you turned one.
It was like you stood up and said,  
" Ok! I'm in the big kids club now and I would like to be lumped in with Isabella and Tommy please. Don't worry about me... I can keep up."

And of course you said please because its your way. 
You are ornery and rambunctious unlike your siblings but after you defy me and do it your way, you always apologize. And when your Daddy is helping you get dressed you always thank him repeatedly.
And if someone sneezes you will yell blessings at them until they acknowledge you properly.

Yes communication is the one thing about you I see changing as you were approaching this milestone.
Suddenly you could talk. And boy has that helped you to not be frustrated lately.
We all knew that you knew what you wanted but we couldn't figure out what and you couldn't tell us.
That must have been hard and I feel bad for the many times I let myself get nearly as frustrated as you were.
Today in the car you chatted away, growling when we misunderstood. Telling us "Appy Biwday" when we said it to you first. Yelling "I am Twoooo!"
Shouting "Dere it is!" when you would see a truck or an airplane.

You are never in the middle with your moods my sweet and sour boy.
You swing wildly in every direction, excited to angry, laughing to crying.
Life with you is like a roller coaster of emotion. But I am proud of the spitfire in you.
I love that you are who you are, and you feel what you feel, and everyone else has to accept it.

Many days I wish to be more like you wearing my heart on my sleeve. And many times in the middle of a meltdown on a hard day I quietly admit to myself that I want to sit on the floor and scream too.
Often when you give your brother or sister a good smack I find myself laughing under my breathe thinking that "yeah they had that coming!"

We have to harness your wild side, tame it a little.
Teach you to control your reactions.
But never lose that spirit, I hope you always go after what you want with this same passion.
It won't always work out, there will be failure and heartache. But when I imagine what life holds for you I am excited and imagine that it will be quite and adventure.

Maybe the reason I can't believe you are already two is that time flies when your having fun.
And you my little boy are the life of the party.
Happy Birthday Baby.