Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ocean

Yesterday we kissed Jack goodbye, handed my cousin our house keys, and headed for the Beach.

Tom's mom told me to remember that the drive is half the fun... I hope not because it was not very fun at all. We hit Phillie right at rush hour.
That's a bad thing people.

But we made our way slow and steady and kept our optimism... thanks to our new DVD player and micky mouse.

And the tunnels... the kids thought the tunnels were pretty awesome.

Snacks were very helpful also.

We finally got to Ocean City around seven.... we were aiming for three, then six.... yeah, it was rough.

But oh so worth it....

Bella was here once for a few hours when she was Vivian's age.

So really it was a first for all of them.

They were awe struck.

Look at the lights!  The sand is so soft! It's getting in my flip flops!

Daniel had a silly grin from the moment his toes hit the sand.

Then they all hit the surf, and for the first time the felt the cool saltwater rush over their feet and around their ankles.

Then they giggled and wobbled as the sand ran out from under them. At some point they all fell down.
Made me miss my Gram, she could never stand in the surf either... at least as long as I knew  her, which was from her seventies on.  Is this a normal thing for the young and elderly? Or is it just our weird gene pool.

After a decent night sleep we are off to hit the sand in the sun and soak up the memories.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” 
--Jacques Cousteau
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