Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun... Check!

Bella will start kindergarten this fall so up till now summer hasn't meant much in the way of change for us. Life with little ones is always life with little ones.
Life revolves around nap time... skip it and you'll be sorry.
But this summer has been different than the last four or five. We are doing more "summer" things.
We are skipping naps in favor of long exhausting days by the pool.
Full of sun and fun... but Exhausting with a capital E.
Its hard work making sure everyone's head stays above water.

We are spending mornings in pajamas in front of the tv, and eating goldfish for breakfast.
Summer is a vacation right? well I'm taking a break from worrying about what they are eating.

But I am worrying more about getting in all the fun we can... squeezing out every last drop of summer so that when it ends we can look back and say we did it right... and enjoy the next thing.
We even made a list of things we want to do! Inspired by this awesome blog and drawn up by Andrea... who is the advocate and overseer of all things summer.

I don't have a picture of it yet but it goes something like this...


...night swim...

...outdoor movie...



...Ice cream on the cow at King Cones....

...visit the aviary...

...first sleepover...

...Hartwood Acres... a boat...

...go to the zoo...

... it goes on and on just oozing fun!
(and exhaustion... but it's always worth it... I think...)

And of course the un-scripted fun with our cousins at the pool
Adorable Allie Grace, chillin with Vivian Grace.

She was trying to tell her that the hat was just ruining her look.

We had to tell her that function trumps fashion when your only three months old.
She was not in agreement....

But she soon she found a baby she could be in charge of and all was well.
That is her ever doting Nana there... my Aunt Kathy.

It was Vivan's first time in the pool... a milestone akin to walking if your a part of the Morgan family.
She was happy as a clam to chill with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Christi, Allie's Mama.

And Aunt Julie.

And Allie's Dad.... Uncle Nate. 
Don't worry those are not his sun glasses.

We take this very seriously around here. 
If you don't come into this world loving water we see that as a character flaw and set out to "fix" you... isn't that right Aunt Jeanne? We are missing you by the way! Only a few more "sleeps" till we get to see you!!!

Its history and memories in the making... having all the cousins together again by the water... just like when we were growing up but now with the new generation.

Now we are gearing up for another fun, busy weekend, hoping the rain holds off and trying to check a few things off the summer list. 

Sleepover with "the boys" and "Gnomeo and Juliet" on the patio I hope.... seems appropriate right?
Movie about yard Gnomes.... in the yard... HA!

Ok enough with the cheesiness.
I'm off to find some fun with my favorite little people!

Happy Weekend!

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