Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Weekend of Summer.... just a little late.

This post was meant for last weekend but it got CRAZY busy this week... so I will show you now...
Our first weekend of summer!


We got Vivian's three month photo's done.
Vivian was three months on June first.... Bella wore this when she was just 6 weeks.
Which means either Bella was a tank, or Vivi is a peanut... I think its a little of both.


 We are making a trip to the beach soon and we... ok well I am having a hard enough time with the thought of four little wiggly bodies in a car for seven hours... 
we can't do it without climate control.

This van hasn't had a working ac in the three plus years we have owned it.
We drove it to Tennessee in the heat of summer in 2008 with just two kids.
We drove at night and had the windows down most of the time because it was still hot... it was exhausting having that noise and wind blowing in for six hours.... not this time people... not this time.

So while Daddy labored endlessly we cooled off at the last resort and kicked off the summer right.

With water, sun, food, and family.

And friends who feel like family,  Brian... Isabella only sees him every few months and she always acts shy at first. 
Then by the end of the day they are best buddies.

Tommy acted nuts about getting in the water in anything less than the inner tube he was in last year..
no arm floaties, 
no swimming vest, 
nuts is an understatement. He screamed like a wild child.
Where did I get this kid!? I think I was swimming alone when I was Bella's age.
The seem to forget everything about swimming every winter.

This year though, Bella has taken to it like... well, like a fish to water.
Hardy har har.... anyway she loves it and I am proud and relieved!

There is some unexplainable joy in seeing my kids love the things I love!

I'm especially happy seeing them love each other....

and their Aunt's and Uncle's.

And last but not least we dined on hot dogs, watermelon and baked beans.

                                                                Welcome back summer.
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