Sunday, May 29, 2011

If My Cell Phone Could Talk....

My phone decided to put itself put of its misery a few weeks days ago... 
I don't blame it, life here is hard.... and sticky.
So when I got my replacement Tom had to transfer photos to my laptop. 
Technology and me aren't friends... I knew it could be done but didn't know how.

To give you an example of the depth of my problem, Isabella had to show me how control the volume on Julie's ipad the other day.....
yeah, that bad.

Anyway I had a few hundred on that little thing, spanning 5 years so get ready for some random.
Lots of baby photo's...




Taking pictures to send to Daddy to show him how our day is going...
We document the damages....ouch...

Sometimes taking pictures while they cry is all I can do to keep from crying myself...

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine... for instance every time I see this I get a good laugh.
Calm down... he wasn't hurting her. She is a tad high strung... want further evidence?

This was much ado about nothing.... tiny little scrape on her foot.
But I gave her an ice pack anyway.
And then she needed all her animals too... and she was back up in two minutes.
Back to her weird funny self...

"Look Mama! I've got nipples like yours!"
She is nothing if not creative....

"Hey honey... remember that loud noise last night while we were watching tv? Figured it out!"

And of course sending picture messages is a good way to bribe a man too.

"Honey look what I made you....
I am such...
...a good wife!

Sooooo.... can you buy me these?
or these?

"Cause don't forget you did this to me so you owe me...

and shoes are the only clothes I can still enjoy shopping for at this size."

And then he sends me pictures like this and says things like,
"look what I have to go through to make a buck... leave me alone and quit spending my money!"

That's not true... he says how much? or can it wait till Friday... and I say no.... gimme gimme gimme..

And further more those earrings and shoes were bought pre-pregnancy.... for our anniversary weekend last year, and actually may have been part of the reason we got pregnant with Vivian.... to much info?

Anyway... some of my favorite pictures of all time are on this phone.
Daniel, to tired to hold his head up anymore.

Summertime with Aunt Julie.

and weirder...

Bald... and wearing his big sisters high heels!

Saturday mornings.

And the first of many naps together... this was right after we got home from the hospital.
I think he has done this with every baby within an hour of getting home.

This hat is obviously Bella's but the boys always seem to wear it more.

Lots of pictures of church outfits to send to our Nana who is sadly often at work.

Reading their Bible before bed, we try to do it every night but we fail often.

This one has survived three or four phones now, Tom and Izzy, one of my favorites.

Playing in the puddles, and working on the patio last summer.

Ice cream at King Cone's Castle last year..... we go for the ice cream and stay for the cow rides.

Daniel... so tiny and bald. We haven't figured out the formula for making baby's with hair.

Going home from church last spring. She is this girly all on her own.

Aren't we cute... this is when Daniel was the baby.

Lunch at Chili's with just one kid... pretty much a date in my book.
Christmas play at church... a sheep, an angel, and a cow.
I was so cute it almost killed me!
Playing at Nana's.... they did this to themselves, that's a stuffed snake Aunt Julie made.

Now that your eyes are watering and I've wasted a good few minutes of your life I will end this abruptly and weirdly as it began.... good night people.