Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seasonal Limbo

It's beginning to look a lot like springtime.
Today its beautiful... its sunny... and its freezing cold.

Ah well, I'm just hoping it gets nice in time for Easter, or at least Mother's day.
And we have had at least a few nice days that the kids could get out and play these last few weeks.

I couldn't find the right flowers to go above the piano so Julie made me this.
I love it, she does not... he art is usually a bit more dark, serious... sexy :) 
Stunning and moving but not usually involving flowers and ribbon.

Anyway I just had to show off her softer side... sorry Julie.
I know you'll hit me but I don't care, I'm high on all the fresh air.

Its so nice to be able to get out after a long winter,
especially a long winter spent very pregnant with three busy little kids.

But with spring comes rain... and I'm ok with that because it makes for a better nap that day.

Cloudy rainy days that follow days of sunshine and running around outdoors are the recipe for the three hour nap.  And even if only one or two of them nap for long its still a wonderful break for mommy.

And then there is always craft time when the April showers roll in,
also known as "mommy is desperate to make you shut up and sit still time"

My mother in law told me play-doh saved her sanity when she had her fourth baby...

I am dying to make a joke now about which child actually made her lose her sanity...
but I lover her so I won't ... ;)

So I decided to give the craft thing a spin when Aunt Gigi sent us some spring foam stickers in the mail....
I hate messes so this is as crafty as I wanna get... no paint or glue... thanks.

Daniel lost interest pretty quickly
but it still killed some time and made for some nice bright Easter art for my pantry door.

We tried play-doh the next day and it worked better for keeping Daniel occupied,
its seems that the best combination for Daniel is to give him play-doh and put on Toy Story 3.
I learned I can get a good hour of sitting still if I do that.
Did anyone else just hear the Hallelujah chorus???

And you can't judge me for using tv as a babysitter...
or rather you can, but I have no shame and you know you do it too so whats the point?

Lets all come out and say it... sometimes they watch three movies in a day.
(it must be ok... baby Einstein has a continuous play option!)
Often dry cereal is breakfast, and lunch...
and dinner is mac and cheese, while mommy and daddy get take out late.

Sometimes they eat the play-doh, throw goldfish at the dog, and run around in underpants and diapers for and hour or two.... or three....
anyone else notice when they are any degree of naked they wanna run?
What's that about? I don't know, I'm guessing its the feel of the wind...
but either way it makes em tired so I say faster kids faster!

Now if you will excuse me the movie is almost over and they need more goldfish in their little feed bags... see why we need some more nice weather, poor kids.

But I have to say I like the balance right now of inside days and outside days.
Makes me appreciate both... maybe a few more warm days would be good.
But sleepy movie days are nice now too.