Friday, April 15, 2011

Six Week Staycation

 I'm ready to start heading out a bit more now that the weather is warming up.

We have been living in our pj's for the last six weeks.
Staying home every chance we get.
Happily eating whatever junk is easy and available.
We have had pancakes so much it feels like a vacation with a breakfast bar.
No reason not to make a nice brunch when you are trying to be lazy and not go anywhere.
....that is only when we actually make it downstairs and out of our bed.
We bought a new one, a king instead of a queen so we could all fit for movies and early morning cuddling.
We had a rule about no kids coming into our bed but we have found that we can get at least an hour more sleep if we let them in and turn on the tv....
all "rules" went out the window after baby number three.
Sleep is vital and in short supply.

I will say that I felt funny about spending money on a bed... but now that I've slept in it?
Just try to take it back and see what I do.
Its heavenly.

Its so nice not to roll involuntarily into the middle... its all flat... no valley!
And to not hear about how I hog the bed, (which I do... I admit)
I wake up and can't tell if anyone else is there or not!
No more freezing cold feet kicking me in the stomach...
ok well at least not until the third child gets there.

And speaking of the third child and cuddle time.

Daniels very favored Aunt "G-G" is away for a bit and we are missing her much.
So these are for you GG... your baby fix.
The two "babies" cuddling on the couch...
Also took Vivi for her weight check today! She is up to 8 pounds 11 ounces!
She has gained 3 ounces in as many days... she is still tiny but we are headed in the right direction!