Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Weeks, Fourteen Days, Forever Ours

Vivian is two weeks old today.
I can't imagine life before her or without her.
I have taken to calling her Vivi.
Bella calls her "Sissy"... which I think is her way of protesting the fact that she didn't get to name her.
Tommy says "Bibian Drace" or Baby Bibian.
Daniel says "my baby" or Vivi like I do... only he yells it at the top of his lungs.
Her Daddy has his name for her too, Vi... like the beginning of Violet.
She is sweet and mostly sleepy. She is sleeping four hour stretches at night, even once for six hours!
 She is a great eater and after four bottle fed babies this time nursing is working well and is even enjoyable and so far pretty convenient... less dishes and no mixing bottles at two am.

She is fussy between dinner time and eleven or so at night... 
which works out fine because that's when Daddy comes home!

She likes to be held up on my shoulder and have her back patted.
She  has huge eyes just like her sister, but otherwise she looks most like Tommy when he was a baby.

She seems to be the first of our children to have dark hair, but she doesn't have much so we'll see.

So far having four kids is easier than I thought...
but maybe that's because I was just imagining the worst case scenarios.
Or maybe its easy cause we are only two weeks in and I've only been on my own for one.
Or maybe its because she is and "easy" baby, though what baby is really easy?

Anyway more about the goings on soon... its harder to type with one hand!