Friday, February 18, 2011

Late as Ususal

The day after the "big day".
The day that has been circled on our calendar for about nine months.

Doing this for the fourth time I knew better than to get all hung up on that day.
I remember being pregnant with Bella and feeling more desperate to get her out with every hour she went over due... It was a long week but like all pregnancies it did eventually end,
much to my surprise.

Bella was a week late,
Tommy was two days late,
and Daniel was a shocking one day early... 
this should have been my first clue he would be the one to rock the boat even before he was born.
Happily God has used these times to make me more patient.

Now I think the "day after" is actually harder on all the people around me who are waiting to meet this baby... Poor Tom is aching to hold him or her, which makes me love him even more.
The kids have been distracted by being sick but now that they are on the mend the impatience is growing again, but for them its different. They never knew there was a "day" in mind... they just keep hearing really really soon or any day now.
My sister I know loves to hold my kids when they are sleepy newborns.
My sister in law can't wait to get the baby in front of her camera... 
and I can't wait to see what she can do!

I'm sure everyone is also really excited to see if its a girl or a boy.
This is new to us, we have always found out before hand.
I am finding it hard to believe that I still don't know what it is and at this point after months of speculating I think any intuition or even preference may have gone out the window.
All I can picture is a baby, wearing yellow, with no name.
Its very weird...
And given the pace of our lives these last few weeks and months with constantly sick kids and busy schedules I have to say at this point even that fact that the baby is about to arrive is just plain shocking.... where did the time go?

I have spent the last week up late and early with all three kids sick.
High fevers, intense coughing fits, runny noses.
We have been to the pediatrician twice. Once was yesterday on my due date.
The nurse and the doctors were amused and showed obvious pity.

On Tuesday we went for Daniel and I took Isabella just to be safe.
That day Daniel had the cold plus and ear infection and got some medicine. 
Bella gotta a pat on the head and instruction to rest.

Yesterday I took Bella back and took Tommy just to be safe... he was now where Bella was before.
This time Bella got the medicine with a diagnoses of pneumonia and bronchitis!
Tommy got medicine too because of the pattern we have seen and the fact that getting him back in a few days would be next to impossible since I will probably be in the hospital... 
I nearly kissed the doctor.

Then I got the pat on the head and the instruction to rest...
and I will.
Right after I catch up the laundry,
scrub the shower,
change all the bedding,
wash our comforter,
clean out the refrigerator, 
run to the grocery store,
and have this baby.