Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sideswiping You with Random on this Idle Tuesday.

Today is a whole lot of random things with random pictures.
And don't mind me if the pictures have nothing to do with the words... its that kind of day.
I need ice lately.
Not the kind that is covering my driveway and blocking my huge pregnant butt from escape,
the kind in the bag at the gas station.
The kind that only crazy pregnant ladies and their poor exhausted husbands are buying in the dead of winter. I need it and I don't know why. I'm like this at the end of every pregnancy.
And no I have no iron deficiency... I'm just weird.
last major shopping trip pre-baby...
he loves me... no matter what he says.

I am also addicted lately to the smell of clean laundry, 
Tom is going nuts... I have air fresheners plugged in everywhere. 
Plus fabric refresher spray...
plus candles...
I always love this smell but once again my growing belly has created a growing addiction.
Its like the bigger I get the bigger my quirks get too.
My feral children scavenging during the super bowl...
Dinner is whatever you can reach kids! Mommy is busy screaming at the tv...
And I'm not ready to talk about it yet.... maybe after next years super bowl when we get number 7.
But not yet.
I am burying my sorrows in the laundry... because I gave up drinking and the boys are out of socks.
I started with this...
and two hours later I was only at this...
I would like to blame them...
but they are so cute and innocent looking, who would believe me?
 No my distraction is this...
Portable adult conversation in the midst of my life here on Sesame Street.
Plus I'm nine months pregnant... I have to sit down a lot right?

(ps... that is the mammoth cup I fill with aforementioned ice.
 I need help.
I don't like ice out of the tray and this is getting to be and expensive 2-3 bag a week habit.)
Next bit of random... I want to post two not so flattering but HILARIOUS pictures of people.
But I don't want to get in trouble...
 soooo here is one of me first.
thanks for that one Bella...

Ok, now that that is over with on to the good stuff!
Remember Aunt Jeanne you can't be mad... 
You know I didn't even see you there mom... not your best moment either.
But once again, you can't be mad... and if your feeling mad just scroll up.

Ok... next!
hahahahaha....ahhhh.... I know what your all thinking, and you don't have to thank me. 
Its my gift to you.

Happy Random Tuesday!