Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend...
we rested and tried to kick these nasty and persistent head colds.
we said goodbye to two of Tom's little sisters who left for college.
we did a quick grocery run.
we watched movies.
we made milkshakes for sore throats.
we also made chicken noodle soup and tapioca pudding...
we stayed up late, and I slept in...
 thanks again babe.
when I rolled out of bed there were cinnamon rolls waiting hot and delicious.
That's the stuff happily ever after is made of people.

we played video games.
we watched really old episodes of Lassie and Cooking with Julia.
Surprisingly the kids were enthralled... even with Julia Child.
The oldest two asked if we could make bread like she was!

In case you think its all sunshine and roses let me set you strait.
we had our share of tears and tantrums.
when we needed to we had some quiet time in our rooms or a nice bubble bath.
solitude is good for the soul... and before long we were ready to play nice again.
At one point as we were waiting for bedtime to come and running out of entertainment and patience I looked at Tom and said its hard to go out with them and its hard to stay in too!

But bedtime has come and gone.
Everyone is tucked in and sleeping sweetly.
I'm relaxing to the sound of machine guns as Tom plays video games next to me... 
its an aquired taste, like classical music...

Now I'm looking at the calendar of the week ahead, and the to do list I'm making and thinking, 
If only everyday could be as hard as Saturday and Sunday...