Monday, November 21, 2011

Mental Vacation

It is dreary rainy and cold.... I just spent thirty minutes hiding under the covers with the kids and still I can't get warm.
My to do list is a mile long, I am sleepy, and I crave chocolate.
Tomorrow is weigh in day so I had better behave.

I decided I would distract myself with writing and I found these pictures from Septembers camping trip that I had never posted....
this is where I wish I was today.

This is the "bridge walk" we take every year. 
The kids favorite and I think mine too. Its all flat and we all go every time. 
Perfect for little ones and their weary parents.

There are at least three.... four? bridges. And in the middle there is a little lagoon to catch crayfish.

Lots of fun. Lots of pictures.

Water... rocks... mud.... little boy heaven.

We are about due for some family time. 
I am looking forward to Thursday. 
Food, football, family and gratitude to God for giving us another trip around the sun together. 

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Anonymous said...

well, as nice as it might be...and i'm sure it idea of little boy and girls and adult Heaven on earth is at the shore!! that's where i'd like to be today....not in the woods, walking with the bugs and ticks and whatever else...i'll take my chances with the sharks, jellyfish and whatever's at the beach! ...but to each his own, and i'm glad you found your tranquility there!...the pictures of the kids are great...the other little creatures someone is holding ...uh, not so much!....luv you and hope you had a good time reminiscing! xoxo GiGi