Sunday, November 27, 2011

Daydream Believer

This holiday weekend seemed a bit more like a work week. 
Our back yard went from this...

To this with the help of our Dad's and all six of his brothers... more pictures of that coming soon.
Tom is finally getting his garage. Which means more than I can explain.

More time together, more work done faster, more dreams that can be realized on the back of this one.

Every time we pass a milestone like this I think back to that cold day in the winter of 2006 just months before our wedding when we stood with our realtor in this snow covered yard and talked about maybe's and some day's. We couldn't see the ground then for all the snow. We were guessing as to what might be there just as we were guessing about what our future together might hold.

Sometimes your future is choice and sometimes it's chance.

We are still guessing, seven years and four babies later.
For example this was our smiling brood on Thanksgiving morning...

And by the time we got home the three oldest had spiked fevers and Daniel was barking like a seal.
We have the croup.

We had planned to relax a bit in between projects... 
but we got a lot more couch time than we had planned

Just when I thought we were soon to be leaving the ocean of tissues and humidifiers the littlest one had to go and start barking at us tonight... poor baby. 

(as a side note she has started with this strange squinty smile lately... 
I think she knows it will get a laugh.)

So we made the best of it and started our Christmas decorating and crafting a bit early.
No money to waste right now on decoration's so I used up some Christmas scrapbook paper I have had for awhile.

(That would be Daniel's with the scribbles... please note mine and Bella's are super symmetrical :)

I love this season so why not drag it out a bit?
This is out Christmas count down with a Bible verse about the celebration on each link.
You can go here to make one.

And last but not least I saw this on Pintrest (I am addicted like the rest of the world) and I couldn't believe how simple it was to make. Then I couldn't believe how HUGE it was... 
not sure where to put it just yet.

Getting back to standing in the yard with the realtor dreaming of what might be.
There were worries, uncertainties, fears,
and when the house was finally to be ours there was signing our life away....

But a few months later we would see that under all that snow in this modest little yard where you would least expect it were some beautiful gardens. Somebody's dreams left behind for us to watch bloom in some new and surprising way each month of that first summer and every one since. I am by no means a gardener, but I have come to love seeing the tulips in the spring, the roses in the summer, the clematis and tiger lily right around my birthday... 
and those big blue ones whose names I don't know!

Sometimes the unknown can lead to heartache and trouble,
but sometimes... usually if you can push through the hard times just long enough...
it can lead to a lovely surprise.... 

In our case this weekend a busy Sunday turned into a quiet day at home.
Not without stress and frustration... 
but we added a little glitter and glue, 
some coffee and much needed facetime.. and made it beautiful.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Mental Vacation

It is dreary rainy and cold.... I just spent thirty minutes hiding under the covers with the kids and still I can't get warm.
My to do list is a mile long, I am sleepy, and I crave chocolate.
Tomorrow is weigh in day so I had better behave.

I decided I would distract myself with writing and I found these pictures from Septembers camping trip that I had never posted....
this is where I wish I was today.

This is the "bridge walk" we take every year. 
The kids favorite and I think mine too. Its all flat and we all go every time. 
Perfect for little ones and their weary parents.

There are at least three.... four? bridges. And in the middle there is a little lagoon to catch crayfish.

Lots of fun. Lots of pictures.

Water... rocks... mud.... little boy heaven.

We are about due for some family time. 
I am looking forward to Thursday. 
Food, football, family and gratitude to God for giving us another trip around the sun together. 

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catching Up...

We are still alive.... 
Busy busy busy. And the first thing I let slip is the blog.
Homeschool, Children's Church, dance class, chores, working out, holiday preparations.

And of course little miss sunshine decided to start army crawling all over the house in the last few weeks. When big sister was her age she would barely roll over!
Of course Bella had no one to follow so where did she need to go?
She is keeping me on my toes, and forcing me to vacuum a lot more often.

Speaking of big sister... Bella bravely asked Daddy to pull her first loose tooth on November first.
She was ready... she was excited... she was sure....

and then she felt that weird empty space and burst into tears.
Luckily Daddy hugs fix most anything and she was soon smiling again...

just minus one tooth.

We had our first snow too. In early October... I love the first snow.

Luckily it was a Saturday so everybody went out with Dad for a bit while I made hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music.... which is what I'm doing right now actually! 
I will hold off on decorating until the day after Thanksgiving but I can't resist the music!
Or the movies....

and somehow movies are just better in bed.

We also did Halloween... sort of.
Growing up I went every year but Tom did not.
It seems many Christians have strong feelings about this holiday.
I heard somewhere this year that if one third of the population can take God out of Christmas then we can certainly find a God honoring way of having fun on Halloween.
So we head out to our church party/outreach called "Light the Night" ... in full costume of course.

This year we had two spiderman's... 
Daniel doesn't have many opinion's yet that do not match Tommy's.

The fairy princess was going to be a butterfly but changed her mind at the last minute due to the discomfort of her antenna's.

They loved the bounce house even though it was cold and rainy... hopefully better weather next year!

Vivi's new addiction.... puffs. Baby finger food. 
She loves to feed herself. And the older kids love to "help".

We are still doing our school work everyday.
Things that surprised me:
1. How the boys are involving themselves.
2. How much Tommy is learning just by being around, he started writing his name on his own.
3. How much Bella is learning. She can already read short books and three and four letter words.
4. How much Bella is loving the art portion's of her work.
5. How much more they do at this age than we did.
6. The satisfaction I get from teaching them.

Our house is also changing as we go along with this school year.
It's becoming all about the kids.

It's the kids that are making this house a home anyway right?
So it should be all about them.

I'm hoping I can get back to writing more regularly now that we are in a rhythm with our new normal, 
but you just never know what's next here. 

So until next time... whenever that is...

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