Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cooking at Camp... it's a guy thing...

Cooking at Camp.
I don't do it... 
the men folk do it mostly.
The girls handle mostly the inside things like rolls or french fries...
 or ice cream, women are great at ice cream.

The following is their way of adjusting the heat.
I can barely get it right on a gas stove indoors....

On this night they were making Chili. 
Tom usually makes it, but his Dad cook's every other night.

In the morning "The Frying Pan" (Which is brought by Grammy and Grandpa) 
cooks about five dozen eggs,
three pounds of bacon, and countless pancakes.

It's kind of hugenourmous... like the family it serves...

At night we use it for protection from bears and crazy people.

Did I mention that this is also a spectator sport?
We sit around and chat.. tease... drool... tell them we are starving... ask for an eta to the table...

Because did we mention that we are STARVING!?

The wait is always worth it though!!! 
Vivian looks happy but she just doesn't know what she is missing...
This poor kid will have to wait just one more year for the joy that is Camp food.

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