Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another First.... But Certainly Not the Last

Too tired for this... want to go to bed. I have been meaning to write for days but I have been way too busy with school, children's church, weight watchers, working out....

BUT.... someone got a loose tooth today!
The first one for her.

She goes from excited to freaking out.
She came in the kitchen saying she had a pretzel stuck in her tooth and it hurt.
She was whining so much I was worried...
then I touched her tooth... and I gasped, loudly.

And she burst into tears and said "WHAT WHAT WHAT?"

I laughed and said sorry and told her she had her first loose tooth.

We have talked of little else since, and that was at ten this morning....
she is handling it well. I had feared the worst but she is surprisingly calm.
Very not like her... and I should know since she is just like me!

Tommy tried to say his tooth was loose too. Bella said "He's just trying to get money Mom!"

I can't believe I have a child old enough to loose a tooth.
I can't believe five years has gone by so fast!
I can't believe I get to do it all over again....

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cooking at Camp... it's a guy thing...

Cooking at Camp.
I don't do it... 
the men folk do it mostly.
The girls handle mostly the inside things like rolls or french fries...
 or ice cream, women are great at ice cream.

The following is their way of adjusting the heat.
I can barely get it right on a gas stove indoors....

On this night they were making Chili. 
Tom usually makes it, but his Dad cook's every other night.

In the morning "The Frying Pan" (Which is brought by Grammy and Grandpa) 
cooks about five dozen eggs,
three pounds of bacon, and countless pancakes.

It's kind of hugenourmous... like the family it serves...

At night we use it for protection from bears and crazy people.

Did I mention that this is also a spectator sport?
We sit around and chat.. tease... drool... tell them we are starving... ask for an eta to the table...

Because did we mention that we are STARVING!?

The wait is always worth it though!!! 
Vivian looks happy but she just doesn't know what she is missing...
This poor kid will have to wait just one more year for the joy that is Camp food.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

More Camping!

I would like to say I fell off the weight watchers wagon at camp...
the truth is I jumped.
Feet first.
Into ice cream, s'mores, cheesy bacon fries....

I need to stop now before I drool... I am back on now, mostly.

Two of the kids Uncles bought these remote control helicopters for the weekend.
They also bought about six of the new light sabers which I somehow did not get pictures of.
The life lesson here is that Uncles are awesome... teenage Uncles are super duper awesome.

Three Generations of  women.
When I look at this picture I am amazed. They are all so alike and so different.
  I am so blessed to know them all.
It is amazing to see a family so BIG still be so close.
I am beginning to think its the Mom's that hold it together.

If its the Mom's who hold it all together then its the babies who provide the comic relief.
The baby lover trying to "pet" Vivian.

New warm winter Pj's from Nana!

Reading books in front of the fire, we love this because we don't have a fireplace at home... yet.


Helping me by holding her Sis as we get ready to ready to head out.
They were very surprised to not have to buckle to go to the "big cabin"
Its basically a long driveway between the two houses.

Daddy and Vivi hanging out with Kennypap... Vivi and him had a lot of cuddle time by the fire.

Toasting marshmallows. Another very big deal to pre-schoolers.

and the best thing about marshmallows?
They make S'MORE'S

I apologize to your poor little eyes.... but there is still more for tomorrow.
For now it is 9:30... an hour and a half past our bedtime and the kiddo's are still up because Daddy is building a bunk bed for the boys.

The man is consistently useful and impressive. Nothing he can't do I believe.
I am so very in love... and so very exhausted!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Two weeks ago we packed up what seemed to be our entire house and headed to camp. My husbands family does this every year. This was our first year not staying in the "big cabin" with the grandparents and younger Aunts and Uncles. We had held out as long as we could but we had finally really out grown our little room with the two full bed, and we needed a quiet place of our own for nap times, So this year we got our own cabin... and an earful every single morning from the littles about hurrying up so we could go to Grammy and Grandpa's cabin. Which was just around the bend from ours.

There are twenty-eight of us in all, four families in four cabins within walking distance of each other.
Grammy and Grandpa, their twelve kids, three spouses and eleven Grandchildren all five and under.
Also two dogs and a partridge in a pair tree.

As well as Tom's Grandparents and Uncle and five more dogs staying nearby... 

This year was also Jacks first year at camp. He loved it as much as the kids.

On the first morning there Grandpa started building this... a giant playpen for the three littlest ones among us... 6 months, 8 months, and one year... the finished product is later in this post.
He had LOTS of helpers... something tells me he will never want for helpers. 
Skilled labor maybe... but never eager little helpers.

Trent and Madison's power wheels quads were the big hit this year. Luckily they were very happy to share!
If we get enough of them and extra batteries I think we could keep all the kids happy around the clock... I am going to start pricing this out.

Uncle Scott talking to Vivi in the hillbilly playpen... I swear he was made to make baby girls smile.
He has always been a favorite of Bella's too.

Portia loving the baby... seriously all she wanted to to was pick her up all the time!

Getting ready to cook breakfast...  its on the fire and its an event here like every meal.

The thing that is awesome about camp is the time. Time to play catch with Dad everyday. Time to eat together every meal. Time to take walks to nowhere. Play cards. Read books. Ride bikes. talk to everyone. Scrapbook. Or just be quiet and sit by the fire. Time for soaking up some memories.

More to come... much much more!

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