Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bella's First Day of School

I took these about and hour ago... and now I am sitting next to my Kindergartener at our kitchen table as we take the first steps into homeschooling.

We have already got three days under our belts but today is our first offical day.
We are following the Little Lincoln program through pa cyber.
We heard different things about cyber school... mostly that it was too time consuming.

This is probably true of the upper grade levels but this program (which goes through fourth grade) seems to be very flexible. We can make our school work last three hours if we do all the extra's the book includes. Or it can take as little as one hour if we are in a hurry.

So far we enjoy the online portion a lot. They sent her a laptop of her own to keep as long as she is enrolled.... she thought that was just about the most amazing thing ever!
To keep her from getting a big head about "her" computer we have been calling it the school computer and letting Tommy play some games on it too.

The best part of the online portion is that she has teachers for each subject and there are four video's a day. It makes it really easy for me because I don't have to explain everything to her. She watches her science video for example and then I just reiterate and guide her through her book work.
I feel like for us it helps us to stay on track and cover more ground than traditional homeschooling would because I can often start her on something and then leave the table for a few minutes to take care of the little ones.

I should say the best part overall is the extra time we have as family.
The flexibility in our schedule (which is especially valuable considering her Dad's crazy schedule.).
The fact that every time she learns something new I get to watch her eyes light up and her confidence soar... so far that alone makes it well worth the effort.

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