Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 7 Weigh In!

So along with religion, faith and loving our fellow man there are of course many other very important topics of interest. Namely the size of my hips and whether or not my jeans are gonna fit by fall.

I kinda forgot to post my weigh-in last week. 
 I say kinda because I kept thinking I should but it just didn't seem like to big a deal...
it was an unimpressive but very motivational half a pound.
But it did put me over the ten pound mark AND I knew that if I stuck to it I would probably have a bigger loss this week.

I was right!
Week 7 was a loss of 3.8 pounds!!!
I am past my 5% goal and THIS close to 15 pounds lost.
Its actually great motivation for this week ahead which will be filled with potential landmines for unhealthy eating. Family reunion, trip to the amusement park, and the annual farm show with all those yummy gyro's and corndogs!!! 

I fully intend to indulge within reason, walk my but off and have a great time,
not only through out the week but next week on weigh in day as well when I will hopefully get my 3rd Five Pound Star!

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