Thursday, July 21, 2011

Through Daddy's Eyes

Tom got a new phone a few weeks ago. So he put some pictures from his old phone onto my laptop.
He gave me access which I feel equals permission to edit and use as I see fit.
So here is a little glimpse at the world through Tom's eyes... or at least his lens.
Most of these picture were taken to send to me or someone else I am sure. 
He likes to show off his accomplishments....
This was accomplishment number four.

The kids always get a kick out of pictures from Dad at work.
Since he is always moving around the phrase "Daddy is going to work." doesn't mean a place to them... It could mean anywhere or anything... remodeling...

On this day he said he had to make this...

and this....

Into this... and clearly he did. But not until he had told me all about the incredible difficulties and unnecessary complications involved.

And of course if I ask how its going during a late night overtime job at the garage I get this picture...

Thanks sweetie but all this tells me is that the hood still needs put back on.... :)
Then there is the sense of humor we share that sustains us both through the longest days...
 Every time he sees this next one he laughs till he cries!
She is a little prone to over reaction for those of you who don't know.... 
I can't imagine where she gets it?

Anyway she thought she was drowning, 
so he let her continue with this until he had gotten this photo. 
We are awesome at this parenting thing... so compassionate.

Another thing about Tom... and his WHOLE family really....
they think Chuck Norris jokes are the funniest jokes ever.

Second funniest joke is me.... why do I allow myself to be  photographed?
Well in fairness I didn't see this coming.

This one I did see coming... but its proof that I work so I let it go.
But obviously I wasn't breaking a sweat in this outfit.
It was one of those time where he said "You try this... I just make it look easy."

You've got to be dressed properly for hard labor... as Daniel well knows.

This was his explanation for being late one day.

Slow moving tiny car.... so slow he felt he could safely get this picture I guess.

Lets see what else was in there? .... Oh... Hi Leesha!

Love the Elvis lip.

Kids on the Ferris wheel with dad... I used the baby excuse and stayed happily on terra firma.

And last but not least.... art by his littlest fans.
To remind him everyday why he does what he does.
For the love of these kids, and me too.

I hope we are teaching our kids to see the world through his eyes.
With lots of  laughter, a love for God,  pride in a hard days work, and the knowledge that providing for others who depend on you is a blessing both ways.

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