Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mommy @ Weight Watchers

So maybe you have noticed the side bar... ooorrrr maybe I'm the only one who cares about the number on my scale.
Either way. This is my place and I'm gonna talk about it.
Mostly here I talk about my kids, but the way I see it this involves them since they did this to me...
that's right, they put the chocolate in my mouth and held a gun to my head.

Ok fine. I did this to me. AGAIN. 
Let's rewind, pre- Vivian, but post- Daniel, I signed up for Weight Watchers. 
I was miserable with myself after three babies in four years. I needed to change for them and for me.
So I did. Something just clicked and I did.
For the first time in my life I had found what worked for me.... it was helping me to lose the weight and make better choices.

Fast forward to May of 2010, I have lost 40 pounds! I have 40 more to go to get to my ideal weight but I was so happy, I felt wonderful. So happy in fact that I had kind of stalled out. 
What can I say.... when I'm happy I eat. I had been gaining and losing the same five pounds for a few months but I was determined that as soon as we were done celebrating our five year anniversary I was going to get back on track.

It was a beautiful romantic weekend.
Kids at Gram's for two nights, 
Candlelit dinner in the city. Skyline view at sunset. 
Roses, jewelery, breakfast in bed!
An amazing memory.... and it even came with a souvenir!
Just allow nine months for pain and suffering....

So of course all thoughts of "goal weight" went out the window.
At first I thought I'd be fine because for the first three months I don't want to even think about food.
But I forgot about the last six months.... which for me are full of cravings.

I gained back all the forty I had lost.

  This is me on the morning of Vivian's birth...

And this is me a few hours later after my first epidural free experience with childbirth...
gee this photo brings back memories. 
Fun people... let me tell you.

I am not one of those women... you know?
The ones wearing makeup in the first picture, hair brushed, smiling.... 
we really are just lucky I'm not still screaming at anyone who can hear me.

But it was all worth it... especially once they cleaned all that goop off her and made her cute....

Anyway, the look on my face in that picture is very much symbolic of the way I have felt for these last four  months since her birth.

"What day is it? ...why these children all screaming again? ....Where is my coffee?"

So it has taken me awhile to get back on the weight loss train... but our recent trip to the beach helped a lot. Being around a bunch of skinny people in bikini's will do that I guess.
The shirt I am wearing this this picture was big on me last summer even when I was pregnant with Vivian... now its way tight.

This is a horrible picture but it gives you an idea...

So here we go again I guess.... I want to get back to where I was first of all. So my first goal is to get from 270 (Yikes!) down to 227... because the lowest number I saw before getting pregnant with Vivi was 228. I am down 8 pounds as of right now, I am four weeks in so I am right on track losing just about two pounds a week!

My long term goal though is to MAINTAIN! I don't enjoy having to lose weight I have already lost once! Its very annoying to lose and gain constantly... so I want to get "there"... whatever number feels good. And then stay there. If this means I have to count points forever then so be it.

If you want to read about my last bout with the scale... or your really bored.... you can go here.

And if you know of any good weight loss blogs or have a story yourself share it and keep me motivated!

We are hoping to head back to the beach again next summer, and when my feet touch that sand I want to be a more confident, healthier, happier me. I want to be stronger, have more stamina, and be a better example to my kids and husband, cause you know whatever I am eating they are too!

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