Monday, July 4, 2011


June was a beautiful busy month....

Hard to believe it has come and gone. As I write this I am listening to freedom ringing through the Pennsylvania hills.... in the form of firecrackers.
Happy Birthday America, lets blow something up!
Gotta love this country :)

We have been spending lots of time in the great outdoors, the weather has been beautiful.
So I have been a bad blogger, not documenting the  many memories we have made.

We went to the Beach... and we celebrated our baby turning two.

We played with sparklers, went to vacation Bible school, and ate s'mores.

Caught every lightening bug in the yard.... twice.

Vivian loves her little swing, and Bella loves to bring her all her toys.

She also loves being on a blanket just watching everyone run around her.

And we tried out the Jump-up!

We have so many things we want to accomplish that we decided to make a list to keep track.
We were inspired by this awesome blog.

Did I mention that I celebrated a birthday? :)
And I started back to weight watchers, I was half way to my goal when we found out Vivian was coming in nine months. So I am excited to get back to it.... and maybe eventually write about it.

Tom had to work but I woke up to post it notes he had hidden all over the house...

This was my favorite....

It was a great month! Lots of fun, sun, and celebrations!
And lots of sleepy kids at the end of the day...

I'm loving the list idea, so far it really is helping us to get in more of the fun summer things we have been wanting to do.
I am looking forward to checking off more of those little boxes! 
Everyone is another fun memory waiting to be made.

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