Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coffee, Cuddling, and Crafts... I Love Rainy Days

Lots of random and fun the last two days....

Every single picture is followed by then screaming "show me, show me!"
It's a simple and lovely magic to them... maybe whatever gene causes them to squeal with joy at their immortalized selves is the same one giving me the itch to write about them..
A tiny crumb of their childhood I can sweep up and keep at the end of each day.... if only I can find the energy to get out the broom, uh.... laptop that is.

Daniel calls him "Thomas" all the time lately... I think he realizes I use it in authority... so he will assert himself this way as well.

Tommy is still a baby lover, more like his Dad each day.
No matter how hot it is he always wants to wear his jeans like Daddy.
He puts them on and tells me how they used to be Dad's but now they are little for him. 
I don't correct him about how hand me downs really work  because it makes him so happy.

This little girl watched way too much tv the last two days. But it finally rained here so it was really nice to not feel pressed to get outside and play.
Instead we enjoyed cuddling up inside for a little R and R.

Jack didn't rest at all... always on guard, I love him.
He is giving us fits lately about eating but I am hoping, praying and believing he is just picky.
That would be very much a trait he has inherited from us, and the vet can't find anything wrong so just say a prayer that he is in it with us for the long haul please?
We unexpectedly lost are last dog far too young, and we want to see Jack get old and lazy.

Anyway there is nothing wrong with MY appetite and since I have given up keeping diet pop in the house and I NEED caffeine... I have developed a coffee habit.
It makes me feel sophisticated, grown up and a lot like my mom, she goes to bed with the stuff.

I was heading into the kitchen for more wake up juice when I encountered a battle field of baby dolls.
I of course took a picture...

My house is randomly weird and randomly cute.

Since we have finally been home for twenty four consecutive hours I finally started a project I had been wanting to do for the boys room. I got the idea here.

It's not done yet because I tragically ran out of mod podge... that will not happen again.
But you get the idea. I love having scripture around my house, that way mid meltdown I can look up and fortify myself with a little bit of truth to get me through the next illness, or messy diaper, or failed napping attempt.

Also falling under the category of "lazy crafting"....
I got a new travel mug so I can take my addiction to coffee on the road, and got a "personalizeable" one because every other one I have ever owned has been silver... and I have had them for maybe a week before someone else adopted them and I never saw them again.
This one is mine... it contains my scrapbook paper... it therefore counts as something I "made".
So God help you if I am at your house and find it in your cabinet.
Good luck explaining that one.

And last but not least... what to do with this?

These are all my babies... before they got mouthy and grew up without asking.
I want to somehow put names with these pictures, and the meanings of the names.
They are 8x10 so I was thinking of getting bigger frames with 8x10 mat's and writing on those... but that costs money... Any cheapo ideas?

Last two reason's my day was awesome? Tom got me a rug on clearance! 
He said its my "almost" ten pounds down reward...

Our living room carpet has led a pitiful and disgusting life... and it has to last a few more years but now I don't have to look at it!
Can you tell this made me very happy?

Last thing on my happy list...

Daddy sharing truth with his kiddo's.

Tom reads to them all, and then Bella and I do another devotion just for her.
 I read tonight about how Pharaoh ordered the deaths of all the Israelite baby boys, because he was afraid someday they would take his place as King... and about how the two nurses didn't listen to Pharaoh, they listened to God, and saved the babies.

She was confused, so I explained some more. She seemed troubled and I was worried that the horror of infanticide was too much for her five year old heart.

But then she piped up and let me into her amazing mind.

"Mama... why didn't he kill the girls too? Girls could grow up and fight him the same as boys!"
She makes her Mama proud that one.

(and she took this picture herself!)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weigh- in 7/21

Had my weigh-in today, and lost 1.8 pounds again!
That seems to be my magic number... and it feels like its not much but it adds up!

I have lost 9.8 pounds in just five weeks.

If I keep at this average I will be down to 220 by Christmas.
Sorry for mentioning Christmas in July. But really time flies for me anymore so that holiday seems to be fast approaching... especially when I think of the expense.
But I digress.

Already I fit into two pairs of pants that I couldn't wear when we went to the beach in early June.
My swimsuit feels better too.
I can see the difference and I am loving it.

Through Daddy's Eyes

Tom got a new phone a few weeks ago. So he put some pictures from his old phone onto my laptop.
He gave me access which I feel equals permission to edit and use as I see fit.
So here is a little glimpse at the world through Tom's eyes... or at least his lens.
Most of these picture were taken to send to me or someone else I am sure. 
He likes to show off his accomplishments....
This was accomplishment number four.

The kids always get a kick out of pictures from Dad at work.
Since he is always moving around the phrase "Daddy is going to work." doesn't mean a place to them... It could mean anywhere or anything... remodeling...

On this day he said he had to make this...

and this....

Into this... and clearly he did. But not until he had told me all about the incredible difficulties and unnecessary complications involved.

And of course if I ask how its going during a late night overtime job at the garage I get this picture...

Thanks sweetie but all this tells me is that the hood still needs put back on.... :)
Then there is the sense of humor we share that sustains us both through the longest days...
 Every time he sees this next one he laughs till he cries!
She is a little prone to over reaction for those of you who don't know.... 
I can't imagine where she gets it?

Anyway she thought she was drowning, 
so he let her continue with this until he had gotten this photo. 
We are awesome at this parenting thing... so compassionate.

Another thing about Tom... and his WHOLE family really....
they think Chuck Norris jokes are the funniest jokes ever.

Second funniest joke is me.... why do I allow myself to be  photographed?
Well in fairness I didn't see this coming.

This one I did see coming... but its proof that I work so I let it go.
But obviously I wasn't breaking a sweat in this outfit.
It was one of those time where he said "You try this... I just make it look easy."

You've got to be dressed properly for hard labor... as Daniel well knows.

This was his explanation for being late one day.

Slow moving tiny car.... so slow he felt he could safely get this picture I guess.

Lets see what else was in there? .... Oh... Hi Leesha!

Love the Elvis lip.

Kids on the Ferris wheel with dad... I used the baby excuse and stayed happily on terra firma.

And last but not least.... art by his littlest fans.
To remind him everyday why he does what he does.
For the love of these kids, and me too.

I hope we are teaching our kids to see the world through his eyes.
With lots of  laughter, a love for God,  pride in a hard days work, and the knowledge that providing for others who depend on you is a blessing both ways.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Dreams

I love my family, I love the clear blue pool,
I love spending most Summer Sundays in that cool oasis.

I can't think of anything else in my life that has been as constant as "Sunday at the pool".
It isn't discussed really. It's like church...  everyone knows when and where without even asking.

 I can't imagine summer without a pool. When I've tried it is just plain depressing.
So a pool is absolutely in  the future for us. We are far FAR from rich....
but I will dig the hole myself if I must.

Until then on the days we want to stay close to home we will sustain ourselves in our own yard with that old American summer standard... the sprinkler.

Some of us "Don't like being cold"... 
and therefore they stay on the porch with they're coffee and a smirk.

Or they're bouncy seat and a vacant stare.
My babies always have this look, it reminds me of Garth from "Wayne's World"...
luckily they seem to out grow, but not before I get a few good laughs.

I am going to frame these pictures... I love the genuine, pure joy.

So simple and sweet and refreshing, like the water itself.

A pool will be wonderful someday, but I have a feeling when I'm there watching my teenagers swim I'm gonna wish I was here, watching my babies scream and giggle.
I should take a lesson from them.
Be happy where you are, enjoy what is here and now.
Dream about tomorrow but try not to long for it.
It will be here all to soon.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mommy @ Weight Watchers

So maybe you have noticed the side bar... ooorrrr maybe I'm the only one who cares about the number on my scale.
Either way. This is my place and I'm gonna talk about it.
Mostly here I talk about my kids, but the way I see it this involves them since they did this to me...
that's right, they put the chocolate in my mouth and held a gun to my head.

Ok fine. I did this to me. AGAIN. 
Let's rewind, pre- Vivian, but post- Daniel, I signed up for Weight Watchers. 
I was miserable with myself after three babies in four years. I needed to change for them and for me.
So I did. Something just clicked and I did.
For the first time in my life I had found what worked for me.... it was helping me to lose the weight and make better choices.

Fast forward to May of 2010, I have lost 40 pounds! I have 40 more to go to get to my ideal weight but I was so happy, I felt wonderful. So happy in fact that I had kind of stalled out. 
What can I say.... when I'm happy I eat. I had been gaining and losing the same five pounds for a few months but I was determined that as soon as we were done celebrating our five year anniversary I was going to get back on track.

It was a beautiful romantic weekend.
Kids at Gram's for two nights, 
Candlelit dinner in the city. Skyline view at sunset. 
Roses, jewelery, breakfast in bed!
An amazing memory.... and it even came with a souvenir!
Just allow nine months for pain and suffering....

So of course all thoughts of "goal weight" went out the window.
At first I thought I'd be fine because for the first three months I don't want to even think about food.
But I forgot about the last six months.... which for me are full of cravings.

I gained back all the forty I had lost.

  This is me on the morning of Vivian's birth...

And this is me a few hours later after my first epidural free experience with childbirth...
gee this photo brings back memories. 
Fun people... let me tell you.

I am not one of those women... you know?
The ones wearing makeup in the first picture, hair brushed, smiling.... 
we really are just lucky I'm not still screaming at anyone who can hear me.

But it was all worth it... especially once they cleaned all that goop off her and made her cute....

Anyway, the look on my face in that picture is very much symbolic of the way I have felt for these last four  months since her birth.

"What day is it? ...why these children all screaming again? ....Where is my coffee?"

So it has taken me awhile to get back on the weight loss train... but our recent trip to the beach helped a lot. Being around a bunch of skinny people in bikini's will do that I guess.
The shirt I am wearing this this picture was big on me last summer even when I was pregnant with Vivian... now its way tight.

This is a horrible picture but it gives you an idea...

So here we go again I guess.... I want to get back to where I was first of all. So my first goal is to get from 270 (Yikes!) down to 227... because the lowest number I saw before getting pregnant with Vivi was 228. I am down 8 pounds as of right now, I am four weeks in so I am right on track losing just about two pounds a week!

My long term goal though is to MAINTAIN! I don't enjoy having to lose weight I have already lost once! Its very annoying to lose and gain constantly... so I want to get "there"... whatever number feels good. And then stay there. If this means I have to count points forever then so be it.

If you want to read about my last bout with the scale... or your really bored.... you can go here.

And if you know of any good weight loss blogs or have a story yourself share it and keep me motivated!

We are hoping to head back to the beach again next summer, and when my feet touch that sand I want to be a more confident, healthier, happier me. I want to be stronger, have more stamina, and be a better example to my kids and husband, cause you know whatever I am eating they are too!

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