Monday, June 20, 2011

Ocean City

We ended up finally getting out to the beach because of Tom's cousin's getting married in Ocean City New Jersey.
The picture above is us at the wedding on our last night there, it was the most amazing sunset.
The wedding was a beautiful celebration, for such a sweet couple.

I think that this was not only the beginning of their life together but a great new tradition for us!
Tom's family goes camping every fall, and its something I have grown to love.
But when I was young my family went to the beach every year... 
and it is something we have let slip away.

Never again will I let so many years get between me and the sea.
I loved it so much, and I had forgotten that.
It felt like the salt and the sand scrubbed me clean, and the fresh breezy air on the boardwalk cleared my head. I came in every afternoon feeling like I had just been to a spa.
Now I couldn't have that feeling being spoiled by less than perfect accommodations could I?
We checked out the hotels that were reserved for the wedding and quickly decided that we needed some place with a kitchen. Eating out gets expensive quickly for a family of six.
  So we found The Flanders.  It's an "all suites" hotel.

It was built in the 20's. And it retains so much of that charm.

It's so beautifully decorated. All the lobbies and the ballrooms are just amazing.
I felt like I stepped back in time. There was always great old music playing in the lobby, upbeat swing music, and Jazz.

And the Ballroom's were awesome, Bella wanted to go back again and again!
They were open to wander through during the week, and on the weekend there were at least three weddings.

This is the "Garden Room".

Just outside those windows is the heated pool.
I didn't get pictures of it but it had awnings all around for shade, and cushioned wicker furniture.

There were three cute little boutiques in the hotel that I avoided going into so as not to spend all Tom's hard earned money!
Temptation at every turn!

Some amazing old furniture... hold onto your toddlers people!

This is in the main Lobby, lots of history here. Even a ghost story I found on You Tube... funny and a little creepy. More creepy when I found myself all alone in the ballroom!

This is the Grand Ballroom.
Bella left a little bit of her heart here I think.
So did I.

The ballroom was actually four rooms with this mirrored hall in the middle.
My pictures do not do it justice.

Many beautiful murals.

This was from a wedding the night before.

The best part of the hotel is that you get all this history and beauty and then we could go back to our modern, kid friendly suite, and really unwind.
For us it was a great compromise. We could never stay in a place like this if the rooms were decorated in the same way.

We ended up getting a tour of some other rooms we were interested in booking for next summer.
They are all privately owned and then rented out so they are all decorated in different ways.
But I have to say that they were all beautiful.

So next year it's back to the beach for me and my family! Hopefully all of us, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, just like we used to. Days in the sun and sand, nights playing goofy golf and cards, laughing till we cry.

“The beach is in our blood. Everyone in our family returns to the beach instinctively, 
just like the sea turtles.”

--Sandy Archibald

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