Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 Our peanut is finally getting some chubby cheeks.... relatively speaking.
We haven't had a weight check yet but both Tom and I can see that she is growing with the help of some formula. It is a bittersweet relief.

I put her in a onesie today that says "...if they could just stay little."

It sounds good in theory.
No falling down and scraping knees, 
no nightmares and monsters in the closet,
no mean kids at school,
no broken hearts.

But if they stayed little I would also never get moments like this one...

Silly faces at three are different than silly faces at seven weeks...

Both funny, both make me smile... but that three year old beams when he makes his Mommy smile.
And then I smile twice, once for the silly face.. and once for his simple joy.

 I love having a little baby in the house again.
But if I had wished to keep Bella that way I would have missed out on this moment...

And then the five year old taught the almost two year old how to butter mama up...

melt my heart... you little pain in my butt.
And sometime in the shockingly near future, he will teach her.

I don't want to freeze this moment.... although I wish I could hold them always.
I want them to grow and learn, 
and I want so much to know the adults they will be as well as I know the children that they are.

I wish for them to remain joyful, and amazed.
I want to try harder everyday to teach them how to grow up well without growing up entirely...

 There is a quality of mind... receptive, open to wonder... that we call childlike, for it is children, who in their smallness, are most aware of the grandeur all around them. 
Happy are they, then, who remain small in their own eyes: 
Like Alice, they will find a wide vista beyond a little door.

~Cooper Edens

We told the kids today at dinner that we are going to the beach this summer.
To them the "beach" is a lake at a nearby state park.
We explained that this was different, there wouldn't be another shore within sight.
But I know that they have no clue what they are going to see... how do you explain the ocean?

They are at a beautiful age, where everything amazes and delights them.
We could take them to the city to see fireworks, or give them sparklers in the back yard.
It is all the same to them right now, amazing.

So instead of hauling to the city this summer to see fireworks, I'll give them the sparklers.
Instead of trekking to Florida to meet Mickey, we will make the short trip to Kennywood.

Eventually we will do those things and more I hope,
but why not let them be overwhelmed with wonder by these little things as long as possible?

We will however make that trip out to the Atlantic to take in that incredible view, and hopefully standing next to one of God's more obviously incredible creations I'll be able to see the grandeur my little ones see so easily every day.

*This post was inspired by that wonderful quote, I found it in a book the kids got from their Aunt Shari for Christmas, Its call "The Big Book of Little"  compile by Cooper Edens.
thanks so much Aunt Shari! We love it!!

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Anonymous said...

Pain in your BUTT???????....hahaha...he's the meaning of my LAUGHTER....he's the one who makes me crack up by just saying his name and envisioning that face....HE MAKES MY DAY! hahaha not that i have to live with him or clean up after him or DEAL with him 24/7...BUT he is hysterical to me! :)
Thank you Poodie for putting into words what so many of us feel or have felt....we want to stop the clock, but then we would miss all the new delights they bring as you so well shared....i LOVE YOU & ADORE your kiddo's...everyone of them for their unique and individual selves!! they are so different in many ways yet so much alike also...they range from the Princess to the Daddy's helper to the REBEL!!! hahahaha...and i wouldn't change a thing about them if i could!! xoxoxo GiGi